I’m Aleks(andra), a freelance visual designer and part time design teacher in San Francisco.

My design skills focus on mobile and web experiences.

I’ve had the privilege to work with a diverse set of companies and in doing so I’m able to provide a level of experience that’s hard to come by. I can take a project from concept to launch and all steps in between.

You can read more about my professional experience via my LinkedIn profile.

I also have a passion for motorcycles and you will find me racing about on weekends as well as tinkering on bikes at my shop with my husband.


What is a visual designer?
(taken from skillcrush.com)

Visual designers are the problem solvers of the design world. Rather than just bringing brands to life, they play a key role in defining what goes into a brand’s unique style and voice. In addition to creating beautiful designs, they know how to explain design concepts and the decisions behind their work.

Visual designers do a ton of different things in their day-to-day work. It’s a bit of a hybrid between what graphic designers and UI designers do, but with a bunch of other skills thrown into the mix. They have to understand user experience, user interface, and web design. At the same time, they don’t have to know how to code (though as with most jobs in tech, bonus points if you do have at least basic coding skills).

Visual designers rarely work on print products, but they do need a strong understanding of graphic design, identity design, and branding. They need to have exceptional visual messaging and communications skills, too.

They work primarily with web layouts and deliverables, including things like icons, infographics, logos, and presentations. They also have to be familiar with industry-standard software (Adobe and Sketch, primarily), plus they need wireframing skills like a UI designer.

Finally, visual designers need to be aware of how front-end developers work, and the languages they use. While a visual designer doesn’t need to know how to code, they at least need to know how to communicate with those who do, and how to create designs that take into account what is possible in the code.

in brief
20+ mobile apps
30+ logos / brands
200+ online experiences
300+ print collateral pieces

15+ years of experience
BFA – Graphic Design
Design instructor
Stickler for good design
Typography fanatic
Project management whiz
Motorcycle enthusiast